A gloomy future

Published: 2012-06-29 16:28

Via Baltica will be the winner 2015 when the IMO regulations are being introduced in the Baltic Sea. That was the conclusion of the debate titled “Implications of the IMO regulations on the future pattern of the cargo flow in the Baltic” held jointly by Baltic Ports Organization and TransBaltic in Helsinki on June 15. The future scenario for maritime transport in the Baltic Sea looked rather gloomy when discussed by invited ship owners, ports and researchers at the venue in Vousaari Harbour.

The majority of Finnish export goes by sea, the main destination being between south of Finland and Germany. The IMO regulations is estimated to increase the price level of maritime transport in the Baltic Sea with about 30-50% leading to a move of 20-30% of the freight onto wheels travelling along Via Baltica instead. A modal change that seems to be a step backwards.

The SECA (Emission Control Area) also go along French, English, Norwegian and Russian coasts, the difference is however that they also have other coast lines not in the SECA which is the reason why countries in the Baltic Sea Area are being harder hit.

Future maritime transport in the Baltic Sea is however not a lost cause and new strategies and innovations are under development but the regulations has been coming on too quick, leaving no time for maritime transport operators to prepare. The situation will put the Baltic ports in hard competition with the southern European ports and they now call for the same rules to be applied to a wider European geography. Positive is that such discussions already have been introduced at the EU level but what worse is that we might have to wait another 10 years.

A report summarizing the debate is being prepared and will be published at TransBaltic website in end of July.    

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