TransBaltic Newsletter No. 17

Published: 2012-10-15 14:16

Download: TransBaltic Newsletter No 17

In this issue –

  • Macroregional Transport Action Plan “The seed sown in the ground” - As a final product, all of TransBaltic’s activities and findings have been gathered in a single publication, encompassing a set of policy messages. The “Macroregional Transport Action Plan” (MTAP) is thus meant to suit as a tool, tailoring the transport system to a desired shape. The list is based on concrete analytical and demonstration work by TransBaltic and the cooperating projects, done together with transport and logistics business stakeholders. The descriptions specify why the given area needs intervention, what should be done, who ought to take up the task and how things  should be sorted out. This article features a summary of all 19 policy actions. The document in its full will be available on TransBaltic website in October.

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