Please mark the dates 11-12 of May in your calendars and join us for the 2nd TransBaltic Conference. This time we would like to invite you to the golden city of Skellefteå – a part of Swedish Lapland. The Municipality of Skellefteå will be hosting us this year and together we would like to offer you more than just a conference! This lunch-to-lunch event will feature an extraordinary dinner reception that you cannot miss out.

Halfway through its lifetime, TransBaltic invites to the second conference. Last year’s event, held in Malmö, explored the topic of the new geography of freight flows in the Baltic Sea Region and was the starting point for the project’s foresight process dedicated to a future transport development. The organised seminars with relevant stakeholders in different parts of the Baltic Sea Region gave valuable input to TransBaltic Policy Report 2010 and provided incentives to further investigate the territorial distribution of current and future international freight flows and their impact on regional growth.

This second conference will feature green transport solutions in the context of both the policy and concrete business operations that together can make the Baltic Sea Region a model area throughout Europe and worldwide. One part of the agenda will focus on Baltic Sea Region connectivity, while the other will offer inspirational presentations on trade exchange flows and transport greening policies by our guests from the United States and India, to explore the external dimension of transport development in the Baltic Sea area.

The overview of the Region’s status as regards the transport infrastructure and projected trends by a representative of the Baltic Transport Outlook study, commissioned by the national transport ministries of the Baltic Sea countries, will set a scene for the internal connectivity day of the Conference. A panel with representatives of relevant pan-Baltic organisations, dealing with transport and regional growth, will – in interaction with the audience – tackle upon a streamlined vision of green transport system in the Baltic Sea Region. Green transport business concepts developed by TransBaltic will follow, to show concrete application of the EU Commission’s concept. The conference will also serve as an arena for discussions on robustness of the transport development in the Baltic Sea Region with inspirational speakers from the United States and India.

So, why do we invite you to the golden city of Skellefteå? Apart from demonstrating how the regional authorities may contribute to the implementation of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy as regards the better internal and external transport links, we wish to raise awareness on the new factors that will influence transport development in the Region in foreseeable future. The conference will therefore give you an opportunity to take a closer look at prospering areas in and outside the Baltic Sea Region, complemented by a possibility to take part in different inspirational visits – to Nordic Logistic Center in Umeå as well as at Rönnskär Cooper Smelter in Skellefteå.

The conference is addressed to all public and private actors interested in discussing transport development trends in the Baltic Sea Region as a result of natural, socio-economic and regulative processes on the global and European arenas.

Hope to see you in Skellefteå!

Download: Invitation TransBaltic Conference 2011