On 4-5 September 2012 TransBaltic invites you to the final conference, which will mark the termination of the three years’ intensive work. This time the project has decided to cross the macroregional horizons and has chosen Cyprus as the meeting place. The country will be chairing the EU Presidency in the second half of 2012 and TransBaltic would like to take this opportunity to place the conference high on the European agenda and has been approved to be under the auspices of the official EU Presidency programme. Through debating connectivity issues between the Baltic Sea Region and the Mediterranean area, the corridor approach in the EU transport policy, and the involvement of EU neighbouring countries in strategic transport initiatives, the project aspires to set a benchmark in macroregional transport planning.

The conference is structured into following themes.

1. The Macroregional Transport Action Plan - The first part of the conference will be dedicated to the presentation of the TransBaltic Macroregional Transport Action Plan (MTAP) – the ultimate product of the strategic process run by TransBaltic in cooperation with several transport corridor projects, the pan-Baltic networks, the national governments of the Baltic Sea countries and the European Commission. The document presents a number of policy incentives addressing a need to better integrate the national and regional networks around the Baltic Sea as well as preparedness measures to make the transport system in the Baltic Sea Region robust enough to absorb the increasing transcontinental transport flows. The MTAP elaborates on so far little or unexplored transport development processes both within and outside the Region’s territory. It may, therefore, become an inspiration source for other macroregions spanning the European Union member states and the neighbouring countries in an attempt to create and operationalise joint transport development frameworks.

2. The heritage of TransBaltic in the context of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy – The second part will look at the transferability of TransBaltic results to the implementation framework of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy in Priority Area 11 – ‘To improve internal and external links’. TransBaltic has been acknowledged as a building block for green transport development and the conference will discuss how to apply policy recommendations related to the future geography of freight flows and the green transport scenario. The  conference will also highlight specific business concepts developed within the project (e.g. dry port concept, empty container management, ICT tools for better use of intermodal transport, competence management system in harbour logistics, solution to increase the use of rail freight etc.), which may become subject of relevant transport policies and contribute to sustainable regional growth.

3. Synergies between joint transport development work in the two macroregions of the Baltic Sea Region and of the Mediterranean area - The third part of the conference will position the MTAP in a broader context and discuss possible synergies between the Baltic Sea Region and the Mediterranean area in the context of strategic transport planning. The conference will offer an opportunity to compare and mutually transfer approaches to joint transport planning between the EU member states and the EU neighbouring countries in the Baltic Sea area and in the Eastern Mediterranean area. The concept of core network corridors in the new TEN-T guidelines comes as another reason for such a dialogue, as one the corridors is expected to connect the two macroregions.

The TransBaltic Final Conference 2012 is addressed to all public and private actors interested in discussing transport development trends throughout Europe.

Hope to see you on Cyprus!

Deadline for registration is 31 July 2012. (Please note that deadline for registration of accomodation is 30 June 2012)

Download: TransBaltic Final Conference 4-5 Sep 2012 – Official invitation