Ground State Splittings

The ground state splitting in Gd3+ and

In this paper we determine the ground state of Eu2~ and compare the ground state splittings of Gd3~ and Eu2~ in strained CaF2 to produce independent evidence of

Ground state tunneling due to a distribution of

Ground state tunneling due to a distribution of tunnel splittings in Mn12-acetate K. M. Mertes, Yoko Suzuki, and M. P. Sarachik Physics Department, City College of the City University of New York, New York, New York 10031

An accurate semiclassical method to predict

An accurate semiclassical method to predict ground-state tunneling splittings Christofer S. Tautermann, Andreas F. Voegele, Thomas Loerting and Klaus R. Liedla) Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Innsbruck, Innrain 52a,

Orbital ground state, crystal field splittings, and

Orbital ground state, crystal field splittings, and magnetic hyperfine interactions in iron(P1) fluorosulphate Depcirlment of Chen7istiy, llnivr~sih

The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. III Ch.

We are going to limit ourselves here to a study of the hyperfine structure of the ground state of the hydrogen atom.

Origin of the Residual Acceptor Ground-State

Origin of the Residual Acceptor Ground-State Splitting in Silicon discuss the implications for acceptor ground-state splittings observed in other isotopically mixed

Splittings of the librational ground state of

Energy levels within the librational ground state manifold of CH3D in a trigonal field are calculated for a monolayer system physisorbed on the surface of graphite.

Ground state “supercombination

A method, called the procedure of supercombination differences, has been developed in order to determine the a 1 −a 2 (K = 3) ground state splittings for symmetric top molecules from infrared spectra.

Ground-State Scalar ¯ Nonet: SU - ResearchGate

arXiv:hep-ph/0309109v1 10 Sep 2003 Ground-State Scalar ¯qq Nonet: SU(3) Mass Splittings and Strong, Electromagnetic, and Weak Decay Rates Michael D. Scadron∗

Ground state splitting due to spin

2014-4-22 · The interaction between the spins of the two particles in a hydrogenic atom can be described by the interaction Hamiltonian $$\hat{H_I} = A \hat{S_1} \cdot \hat{S_2}.$$ Compute the splitting of the ground state due to ##\hat{H_I}##. Both particles have spin 1/2. Using the relevant equation, I can

Ground State Splittings in the Iron Group,

Ground State Splittings in the Iron Group, Particularly Cobaltous Ion. The Operation of Kramer's Rule

Ground-State Electronic Structure of

Download citation | Ground-State Electro | The ground-state electronic structures of K3V(ox)3.3H2O, Na3V(ox)3.5H2O, and NaMgAl1-xVx(ox)3.9H2O (0 < x

The vibrational states are 0 = ground state, 1 =

For the ground vibrational state 14N quadrupole splittings have been tted where is based on only ground state splittings reported in the literature.

A Model Ground State of Polyampholytes -

A Model Ground State of Polyampholytes Shay Wolfling and Yacov Kantor Additional splittings of the drop occur for larger charges. Similar behavior is

Ground state ''supercombination

Ground state ''supercombination differences'' as the method of determination of splittings for faintly polar symmetric top molecules: The CHD3 molecule

Torsional Splittings and Assignments of the

tings are not expected to vary significantly from the ground state. Thus the splittings for nontorsional in-frared transitions, which arise from the difference in the


Download citation | GROUND-STATE SPLITTI | The energy-level splittings of $Am^{2-}, Cm^{3+}, Es^{2+}, Pu^{3+}$, and $U^{4+}$ in an octahedral site of $CaF_{2}$ were studied using restricted Hartree-Fock and spin-orbit configuration-interaction calculations.

Full-dimensional quantum calculations of

Full-dimensional quantum calculations of ground-state tunneling splitting of malonaldehyde using an accurate ab initio potential energy surface Yimin Wang,1 Bastiaan J. Braams,1 Joel M. Bowman,1,a Stuart Carter,2 and David P. Tew3


electron spin resonance studies of irradiation induced valence changes and ground state splittings of rare earth ions in cubic and axial crystal fields.

Electron Binding Capabilities of Some Silylenes

Electron Binding Capabilities of Some Silylenes Having Small Singlet-Triplet Splittings or The adiabatic ground state electron affinities

Large transverse field tunnel splittings in the Fe_8

Fe$_8$ has biaxial symmetry with mutually perpendicular easy, medium, and hard magnetic axes. Previous calculations of the ground state tunnel splittings in the

NIST: Diatomic Molecules - 2-Pi-Ground

4. 2 Π-Ground State Molecules As in the case of the 3 Σ-molecules, the energy levels of a 2 Π-molecule exhibit the additional splittings due to the electron spin and orbital angular momentum interactions.

Ground state rotational spectrum, K = 3

The submillimetre-wave spectrum of 14NF3 has been measured and the ground state rotational spectrum has been reanalysed, including the K=3 splittings. The quadratic, cubic and semidiagonal quartic force field has been calculated at the CCSD(T) level of theory employing a basis set of at least polarized valence triple-zeta quality.

Doppler-Free Spetroscopy of Rubidium

Doppler-Free Spetroscopy of Rubidium Pranjal Vachaspati, Sabrina Pasterski The ground state hyper ne splittings can be determined by measuring the distance

g SrTiO :Mn II: Pressure Effects on Ground-State

shift of ground-state g factor and the experimental one. degeneracy that make the strain-induced splittings of the levels nonzero.

Assessment of electronic structure methods

the ground spin state of these species as well as the magnitudes of relevant spin-state energy splittings. the correct ground spin state for 12 out of 14

Fine Structure of the Ground States of N15

Fine Structure of the Ground States the concept of a one-body spin-orbit force is not accurately applicable in the cases of the N 15 and O 17 ground state splittings.

Precision Spectroscopy on Trapped

The ground-state hyperfine splitting of radioactive Ba + isotopes of mass 133 and 131, confined in a r.f. quadrupole trap, has been measured by

OSA | Improved calculation of fine-structure

Improved calculation of fine-structure splittings in the ground state of potassiumlike ions M. A. Ali and Y.-K. Kim

MEASUREMENT OF THE HYPERFINE journal article: measurement of the hyperfine structure splittings of the $sup 4$f$sub 9$2/- ground state in the co$sup 59$-i-spectrum and determination of the quadrupole moment of the co$sup 59$ nucleus

Splitting of the Hydrogen Ground State

Splitting of the Hydrogen Ground State The ground state of Hydrogen has a spin electron coupled to a spin proton, giving total angular momentum state of .We have computed in first order perturbation theory that

Spin-state splittings, highest-occupied

For a large system with k molecules all in the N-electron ground state, consider how the energy changes as electrons are added or removed. A

Comment on A New Proposal for the Ground

be fully consistent with the 4∆ spin-orbit splittings of Andersen et al. 5∆ ground state of FeO but also exhibits minor transitions that

Ground state “supercombination

Read "Ground state “supercombination differences” as the method of determination of splittings for faintly polar symmetric top molecules: the CHD 3 molecule, Chemical Physics Letters" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.


I RD-A±i48Q 623 CRYSTAL FIELD SPLITTINGS OF THE HUND GROUND STATES OF 1/1 Matrix Elements in S4 Symmetry of Crystal Field for 2D State of ndl 5 4

[1107.3868] Theory of the ground state spin

Abstract: The ground state spin of the negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond has been the platform for the recent rapid expansion of new frontiers in quantum metrology and solid state quantum information processing.


which there is accidental coincidence between ground-state splittings of the probed spin ground state (Smith et a1 1959, Cook and Whiffen 1966,

Hyperfine structure - Wikipedia

In atomic physics, hyperfine structure refers to small shifts and splittings in the energy levels of atoms, molecules and ions, due to interaction between the state of the nucleus and the state of the electron clouds.


Title: ZERO-FIELD SPLITTING IN TRANSITION METAL IONS: Creators: Chakravarty, Ardhendu S. Issue Date: 1963: Publisher: Ohio State University: Abstract: “The origin of the zero-field splittings of the orbitally non-degenerate ground states of the transition metal ions ($3d^{2}, 3d^{3}$ and $3d^{24}$ solutes) has been studied on the assumption

Chiral Symmetry and Hyperfine Meson Splittings

Chiral Symmetry and Hyperfine Meson Splittings Chiral Symmetry and Hyperfine Meson Splittings RPA ground state hyperfine splittings, M(1

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